Meeting March 2018

The next meeting of Little Abington Parish Council  will be in the Abington Institute, High Street, Great Abington on Monday 26 March 2018 at 7:15pm.
Members of the public and press may address the Council in public participation time.
Genevieve Dalton 
Note meeting papers can be accessed using the links ( in blue) below
1. Apologies for absence . Mr Ellis
2. Minutes of last meeting. To approve minutes of meeting on 26 February 2018 (att)
3. Matters arising not on the agenda.  For information only
4. Members’ declaration of interests for items on the agenda
5. Public participation
6. Finance and compliance
6.1 Receipts  Nil
6.2 Payments
        To agree the following payments. 
Mrs G Dalton Clerk. March STO £       241.90    
Mrs G Dalton additional hours - document management and GDPR  preparation £       316.02
Mrs G Dalton Clerk expenses £        84.55
HMRC PAYE Q4 £     260.20
CGM monthly payment. February 2018               VAT £ 44.76 £       268.55    
CGM monthly payment. March 2018                    VAT £ 44.76 £       268.55
CAPALC GDPR workshop  16 March £         35.00 
Cambs County Council grit bin Ivan Clarks Corner  VAT £19.00 £       114.00 
TOTAL £     1588.77
6.3 Finance Report:  
Finance Report M11– summary (att) 
6.4 Compliance
• New audit regime – update
• 2017- 18 audit -  Appointment of internal auditor 
• General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) update – (att)
6.5 Abington Recreation Ground Committee
To consider draft Terms of Reference (att)
6.6   Parish Council elections 
7. Planning see
7.1 Planning applications:
• S/0881/18/FL Petrol filling station, Shell Four Went Ways. Replacement sales building and additional customer parking. New bin store and 2no new charge points. New Shop fascia sign
7.2.Planning decisions and amendments (for information):
• S/0500/18/DC. Granta Park For information only. Discharge of planning condition -lighting scheme. Ref S/1926/16/VC
• S/0722/18/DC 17 Cambridge Road. For information only, Discharge of condition- tree protection plan .Ref S/2257/17/FL
• S/4099/17/OL Agritech. Refused
• S/0086/18/LD. 35 Church Lane. Wall repairs. Lawful Development. Refused. 
7.3 Local Developments
Consultation on Great Abington Neighbourhood Plan (att)
   See also
• Local Development Plan update if any
8. To receive report from Cllr Orgee (SCDC) 
9. To receive report from Cllr Batchelor (CCC) (att)
10. Highways and traffic
2018-19 Local Highways Improvement application Update and next steps  See p 6 of attachment.(att)
A1307 /LLF South East Cambridge Transport Study-consultation To agree response 
Proposals for the creation of a Major Road Network (att)
Changes to bus services (att)
11. Village Environment/ community engagement
• Fourwentways roundabout
• Granta Park noise update 
Agenda and reporting for Annual Parish Meeting 23 April (draft att)
12. Meetings /representation
• Reports of meetings attended not covered on the agenda
- Meeting with Lucy Frazer MP re A1307
• Forward Planning
13. To receive reports from committees  
13.1  Institute Management Committee (att)
13.2  Recreation Ground Committee 
13.3  Committee for Abington Housing 
14. To receive reports from representatives
14.1. Village maintenance  
14.2. Lights, roads and pavements 
14.3. Trees 
14.4. Police. 
15. Correspondence 
For information only
16. Any Other Business/Items for next agenda
• Carry Forward items
• Items for village newsletter
Next meetings:
Monday 23 April 2018 at 7:00 pm. 
Followed by Annual Parish Meeting at 8 pm
Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.  Monday 21 May 2018 at 7:15pm 
Venue: Abington Institute, High Street, Great Abington