Little Abington Parish Council


Please contact the Clerk or the Chairman for more information

Clerk Genevieve Dalton 07703 486562

Chairman Peter Brunning 01223 891960  e-mail  

What is a Parish Council?
Parish councils are the first tier of local government in England and Wales and they are closest to the people. They are funded through your local Council Tax.
What does a Parish Council do?
The Parish Council has several responsibilities including representing the local community and improving quality of life in the village.   
For example:
  • The Annual Village Clean Up
  • Improving footpaths
  • Road safety and reducing speeding. We are looking into ways of improving road safety in the village.  LAPC organised and paid for the new inter-active signs on Cambridge Road and for the Speedwatch equipment .
  • Cycle routes.
  • Reviewing planning applications.  The Council’s opinion is taken into account before plans are approved
  • The Parish Council can make grants for projects that will benefit the community
The Parish Council pays for services such as:
  • Street lighting
  • Village and  footpath maintenance
  • Roadside verge cutting
What does a Parish Councillor do?
LAPC is accredited through the Local Council Award Scheme which means it meets agreed standards in the way it works.
There are 7 Parish Councillors. We meet once a month. Most councillors serve on at least one committee and have an additional responsibility. The position is unpaid.
If you would like to know more do, please, contact a Parish Councillor or the Clerk or come to our next meeting.
Clerk:  Genevieve Dalton      07703 486562                   Chairman:  Peter Brunning  01223 891960
In line with the requirements of the 2015 Transparency Code for Smaller Local Authorities all Little Abington Parish Council meeting agendas and minutes are published on the Little Abington Parish Council page of the Abingtons web site where you will also find meeting papers and items linked to the Transparency Code, including financial information.
We will continue to publish agendas and minutes on the Parish Council notice board which is on the corner of Church Lane and the High Street in Little Abington. Little Abington Parish Council minutes are also available in the parish councils’ file in the Abington Institute.
The Clerk can be contacted for more information about Little Abington Parish Council meetings and the Transparency Code.
e-LAPC: If you would like to receive reminders about Little Abington Parish Council meetings and agendas please contact the Clerk